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Chapter 6: The Physical and Energy Bodies

A sage is asleep and a sinner is asleep - in deep sleep, can you tell the difference? You may surgically analyze their brains, but can you differentiate through this as to who is the sage and who is the sinner? No difference can be found during deep sleep. In fact, no difference remains in sleep; all the difference lies in the waking state. The differences begin when we stand up on our hind legs. One is an enlightened being, one is an Einstein and one is an idiot. But all this difference is in the waking state: when no large flow of blood reaches to the brain then these differences of subtle nerves arise.

Have you ever noticed that for a good sleep you need pillows under your head? Remove the pillow and sleep becomes difficult, because when you remove the pillow the blood rushes to the brain. In fact the structure of the human head is such that if one sleeps without a pillow the head becomes a basin. In sleep, compared to the whole body the head is at the lowest level, and the flow of blood runs fast towards the head. The flow is so fast that it does not allow the tissues to relax, then it becomes difficult to sleep. That is why, as the intelligence of man grows, more pillows are also required. There is a reason for this: as the tender tissues grow within they need to be protected otherwise there will be no sleep; the tender tissues will vibrate so fast that sleep will not be possible.

This is such a small thing, but scientists say that it radically changed man. I am telling you this small incident just as an example so that you understand that food might not be such a small issue. Small things can make a great difference.

Scientists say that because man stood erect, families could come into existence; otherwise they would never have happened. Who would have thought that there could be a relationship between man standing erect and the birth of the family? And when there is no family, there can be no civilization or culture either, because culture and civilization are the expansion of the family. But could you have ever imagined that standing erect might have anything to do with the existence of the family?

Scientists say that the phenomenon of love was born because man stood erect, otherwise it could not have come into existence. You cannot imagine that standing erect has anything to do with love, but this is how it happened. And researchers are unanimous about it. While animals make love they don’t face each other - they can’t. While animals make love they don’t face each other because they approach from behind. Scientists say it is because man stood erect and stopped approaching from behind, when having sex man could face his partner - copulation took the face-to-face position - and when we can see someone’s face only then the idea of the person’s personality occurs, otherwise it does not. So when a man makes love with a woman face to face, a relationship between their faces, between them, is soon established.

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