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Chapter 36: Science Has to Become Religious

Satyam Bhairava, you are worried and concerned that the scientists are not at all aware of the new man. They cannot be; they are in the service of the old man and the old humanity, the old politicians, the old ideologies. In fact they are preparing a funeral for the new man. They should prepare a funeral for the old man which is already dead! And we are carrying its corpse - it stinks, but we have become immune, because we have been born in a society which has been carrying corpses. We have grown up in a society, in educational institutions.everywhere corpses are worshipped.

If there is life anywhere on another planet - and scientists suspect that there is life on at least fifty thousand planets in the whole universe, and there may be planets where science has grown to far higher reaches - they may be able to observe our behavior. And they will be simply surprised: what are our geniuses doing? It would have been better if there were more idiots and fewer geniuses - at least life would have continued. These geniuses are going to destroy the whole of life.

The new man can be accepted only if scientists understand that the world does not consist only of dead objects, it also consists of living beings - and not only of living beings but beings who are conscious too. And there is a possibility of growing this consciousness to great peaks.

A Gautam Buddha and a Zarathustra are like Everest, Himalayan peaks. They show, they indicate the potential of every human being; just a little effort and you can also reach their heights. You can also reach the sunlit peaks; you need not live always in the dark caves, in the valleys of misery.

The dark night need not remain forever.

There is a possibility to come out of the dark night into a beautiful morning with birds singing and flowers blossoming.

The scientists need a great incentive for meditation. Only then will they be able to see that what they have been doing is against the future of mankind. They are destroying the very hope.while with the same intelligence they could have created a paradise on earth for the new man, for their children and their children’s children to live in a better world, with more health, with more love, with more consciousness.

Satyam Bhairava, you are right that science is “so excitingly interesting,” but it can be even more interesting. It has to become religious, it has to become spiritual. It has not to exhaust all its energies on the outer world but has to penetrate into the treasures of our inner being. And you are also right that, “I found that it does not transform anything at all. What is it good for?”

It has great potential, but that potential is not yet used. Just as it has been successful in penetrating into the very secret of matter, it has the capacity to penetrate into the very secret of consciousness too. Then it will be a great blessing, a great benediction.

As far as I am concerned and my vision for a new humanity is concerned, I see science as having two dimensions: one, the lower dimension, working on objects; and two, the higher dimension, working on consciousness. And the lower dimension has to work as a servant for the higher dimension. Then there is no need of any other religion; then science fulfills totally all the needs of man.

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