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Chapter 30: The Greatest Synthesis Ever

And the World Academy of Sciences will be the first step, because if we can take scientists from all over the world slowly out of the grip of the politicians, all the power of the politicians will be finished. They are not powerful; the scientist is the power behind them. And the scientist is in a difficulty, because there is no institute in the world which will give the scientist enough of the materials, instruments, machines that he needs to work with.

The days are long gone when Galileo could make a small lab in his own house, and scientists could work independently without any support from outside. Now, science is so complex and has grown so many branches - and each branch has become a science in itself - that unless he is supported by a government or a very powerful institution which has money, which has intelligence, which has dedicated students, the scientist cannot work.

It seems existence is arranging for the money that we will need to create the academy. Another very important man in Japan, who holds many foundations for humanitarian services, is also coming to see whether it is possible to bring money from those many foundations to create this world institute. And it will have support from all over the world, from all the scientists without exception, because now everybody is seeing that they are serving death, not life.

We can have the greatest library for scientific research and we can have sannyasins working, studying. The synthesis will be that everybody who is working in the institute will also be meditating, because unless meditation goes deep in you, your love sources remain dormant. Your blissfulness, your joy remain unblossomed.

Man is not for science, science is for man.

But science can be of tremendous help if all the scientists of the world who are creating destructive power are removed. They want to move, but they have no place to move to. We have to create a place for them. They are all feeling guilty..

Albert Einstein died feeling utterly guilty because he had helped to create atomic bombs and surrendered those bombs to President Roosevelt of America. Once those bombs were in the hands of the politicians, Albert Einstein went on writing letters saying, “These should not be used; they should be reserved as a last resort.” But nobody bothered about those letters - who cares? - and the bombs were used without rhyme or reason.

Japan was coming to the point of accepting surrender, because Germany had already surrendered, and without Germany’s help Japan would not be able to continue. It is a small land, beautiful, brave; but this world has moved from braveness, from courage, to war which is mechanical. Even a weak man can drop bombs; there is no need for him to be a giant, a wrestler. There are even airplanes which can be directed by remote control, without any pilots, and they can drop the bomb and come back home.

War has gone beyond any conception of braveness, courage. Japan is a courageous country, but it was going to fall any moment and every general - even the American generals told President Truman, “It is absolutely inhuman to drop atom bombs now when the country is already ready to surrender.”

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