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Chapter 30: The Greatest Synthesis Ever

But President Truman insisted, “This is the last chance, don’t miss. Before they surrender, drop the bombs. We have to see what atomic energy can do so that we can go on creating more and bigger and better bombs.” The bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were just toys compared to the nuclear weapons that we have now.

Scientists are in a difficulty. They cannot work individually; they have to work under a government. The government’s interest is war, and no religion is going to support them because their findings go on destroying religious superstitions.

There is an immense vacuum which I want to fill by creating a world academy absolutely devoted to life, love, laughter - absolutely devoted to creating a better humanity, a better and more pure, healthy atmosphere, to restoring the disturbed ecology.

I have called these two people, and Dr. Murakoshi has already been here. He has already created a few things which radiate atomic energy, but in such minute doses that they help; they remove diseases, they give more well-being.

He has made for me, specially for my bathtub, a small radiator disk: just ten minutes and the whole bathtub becomes full of radiation. Just to check whether it works or not, I have used the bath; it certainly works.

He has made a few belts filled with radiating material, and sannyasins are using them and are finding immense energy that they have never had before. He is going to come with more gadgets that he has invented.

He loves me so much that he informed me that it will be better if I move the ashram to Japan, because there he has contacts with the emperor, with other scientists. And he is ready to found the academy and provide the money that will be needed - and it is going to be an enormous amount of money.

But I have informed him that Japan is running out of land. It is the most crowded country in the world; they have even made artificial islands in the ocean, and they have floated a few to create industries on them.

Secondly, Japan is very costly. Its currency is now the most valuable in the world. It will prevent my poor sannyasins from going there.and to be there for months will be too costly.

I have called him and I am certain I will convince him that this is the right place. The whole of Koregaon Park is for sale! - and we are finding sources of money to purchase the whole of Koregaon Park. Then all the gadgets can be used by every sannyasin. Mechanisms can be managed to purify water, to purify air - because Pune is utterly polluted. But one thing is good about India: things are cheaper, and people can come from every country, be here for three or four months, and then in eight months back in their country they can earn enough and come back. There is no need for them to work here.

Here is their temple of meditation. And I want all the dimensions - the best musicians to teach you music, the best artists to teach you painting, the best poets to teach you the experience of poetry and the expression of it.

I am an incurable dreamer.

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