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Chapter 18: Catharsis and Meditation: Steps on The Path

The ten minutes of chaotic breathing will help your body energy to be released. Every cell of your body will become alive and dancing. And when these cells start dancing within, you yourself will also have a feeling of dance. Your whole body will start dancing and jumping. Allow it. This is how one enters the river of existence.

In the second step, for ten minutes you have to act out all your madnesses. Don’t be shy, because we have not gathered here for that. Don’t be afraid of others. Just think that you are here alone. This is a path of loneliness; one has to travel it alone. Many others will be doing the meditation, everyone will be doing it, but you are to be concerned only with yourself. If you are concerned with others you will not move an inch from where you are, and your whole time here will be wasted. Don’t be concerned with others. Remain absolutely concerned with yourself.

And remember, you have many madnesses within you. You already know that, that’s why you are afraid. Release them! If you want to scream, scream. If you want to weep, weep. If you want to jump, jump. If you want to dance, dance. If you just want to be like a child - playing with your body, jumping, dancing, screaming - do it!

And do it playfully, don’t be serious about it. If you are serious you cannot be totally released. Be playful. Enjoy the madness that is coming out of you. Help it, enjoy it, cooperate with it. If you are really interested in going beyond your madness, this is the way. When it is released you will feel unburdened, you will feel weightless. You will feel a subtle newness entering you, as if your childhood has come back. You are a child again: new-born, fresh. This freshness is essential. This innocence is essential to move further.

In the third step, we will be using the sound hoo as a mantra. You have to shout “Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!” loudly, forcibly, bringing your total energy to it, as if your whole life is at stake. For ten minutes you have to go on screaming, yelling “Hoo! Hoo!” What is this hoo going to do?

It is going to do two things. When you scream “Hoo!” your total breath is thrown out. The more loudly you scream the better. Exhale totally; this creates a space within you. In that space, sex energy can move upward. The hoo is to help sex energy to move up. When you say “Hoo!” your sex center contracts, the breath goes out, and a space is created within you just near the sex center. In that space, in that emptiness, sex energy moves upward.

These three steps are to be done with so much energy and force that nothing is left behind. You are not withholding anything, you are totally in it.

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