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Chapter 6: Beginning a New Path

But I am helped, and the help is beautiful because I am not supposed to follow it. I am not forced to follow it. It is up to me. Help is given unconditionally. If I feel like doing it, I will do it; if I don’t feel, I will not do it. I have no obligation to anybody.

But if you become enlightened someday, then you can receive. If I am not in the body, then you can receive instructions from me. This always happens to the first person when a tradition starts. It is a beginning, a birth, you are near a birth process and it is most beautiful when something is born, because it is most alive. By and by, as a child grows, the child is coming nearer and nearer to death. A tradition is freshest when it is born. It has a beauty of its own - incomparable, unique.

The people who listened to Rishabh, the first Jaina tirthankara, had a different quality. When they listened to Mahavira, the tradition was thousands of years old. It was just on the verge of dying. With Mahavira it died.

When no more masters are born in a tradition, it is dead. It means the tradition is no longer growing. Jainas closed. With the twenty-fourth they said, “Now, no more masters, no more tirthankaras.” And to be with Nanak was beautiful, because something new was coming out of the womb - the womb of the universe. Just as you watch a child being born, a mystery, an unknown penetrating the known, the bodiless becoming embodied, it is fresh like dewdrops. Soon everything will be covered with dust. Soon, as time passes, things will become old.

But by the time of the tenth guru of the Sikhs, the tenth master, things became dead. Then they closed the line and they said, “Now no more masters. Now the scripture itself will be the master.” That’s why they called their scripture Guru Granth, the master scripture. Now no more persons will be there; just a dead scripture will be the master now. And when a scripture is dead it is futile - not only futile: it is poisonous. Don’t allow anything dead in your body. It will create poison; it will destroy your whole system.

Here, something new is born, a beginning. It is fresh, but that’s why it is also very difficult to see. Because if you go to the Gangotri, the source of the Ganges, it is so tiny there - fresh, of course. Never again will it be so fresh, because when it moves it gathers many things, accumulates, becomes more and more dirty. At Kashi it is the dirtiest, but then you call it the Holy Ganges because it is so vast. It has accumulated so much, now even a blind man can see it. At the Gangotri - at the beginning, at the source - you need to be very perceptive. Only then can you see; otherwise it is just a trickling of the drops. You cannot even believe that this trickling of the drops is going to become the Ganges - unbelievable.

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