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Chapter 25: Yes Is the Heartbeat of Life

He went back home. The whole town gathered. They said, “What happened?” Because Mecca in those days used to take at least four to six months, going and coming. “You are back! We have just reached home and you are back. What happened?”

He said, “Mecca came to meet me outside the town and asked me to give all my money. I took the seven traditional circles around the old man and he said, ‘God is a pilgrimage and now your pilgrimage has started. Just sing, dance, feel the glory of existence.’”

The townspeople said, “You are a fool! Somebody has cheated you.”

Al Hillaj said, “No, I have looked into the eyes of that man. I have looked into the face of that man. I have been around him, I have felt his presence. I am absolutely convinced that Mecca has come to receive one of its followers. There is nothing wrong. It has been said in the scriptures,” he said, “that if your thirst is total, you need not go anywhere. Your thirst will pull the truth, God, to you, wherever you are. Mohammed has said that if mountains cannot come to Mohammed, then Mohammed will go to the mountains.”

This is a beautiful statement. And Al Hillaj said, “He was right. You are on the doorstep of the divine. Just celebrate.”

Enter into this feeling, into this beautiful mood you have arrived at.

Merge, melt, disappear into it.

It is love.