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Chapter 14: Just by Celebrating

It is better, they think, to drop the idea; otherwise sooner or later you have to give the proof. There are theologians who are dropping all the miracles of Jesus, saying that they never happened. “We still believe in Jesus” - but then why do you believe in Jesus? You can believe in anybody. Up to now, that was the only point of belief - that he did perform miracles. But to give proof is difficult, so you should perform them. In two thousand years no Christian has been able to perform any of Jesus’ miracles. At least the pope should be able to: he is the representative. And to represent means that some of the qualities of the person you are representing must be there. It is better to drop it.

It is out of fear that everything has to be dropped. And still, they all go on saying they are Christians! Now, this will be the last thing that we have to help them to drop. We just have to show them that, “The box is empty; now don’t carry it. Just because Christianity is written on the box does not mean that it has anything in it. Just open the box and see: no resurrection, no virgin birth, no miracles, no God, no heaven, no hell - liberated theology! So just drop this box and go home.”

And the same is the situation of other religions. You need not be courageous. They have to be courageous to face you. You have simply to be silent, peaceful, meditative - and out of that you will be able to be authentic and truthful. You have to be part of truth.

They need courage to face you. They are trembling, they are having nervous breakdowns; you don’t have anything to worry about - otherwise there was no need to prevent me from entering any country.

It is a free world. Up to now they have been telling you that the communist world is not a free world. But what should they say now? Is their world a free world? - where even I cannot be allowed an overnight stay at the airport?

Nothing is free - there are just different kinds of slaveries with different labels. It makes our fight very easy, because we simply have to expose their hypocrisy. They are trying, somehow, to protect themselves by dropping all these things, but dropping all these things is not going to help. Their hypocrisy will be exposed sooner. With these things it would have taken a little time to argue about everything. Now there is nothing to argue about - just open the box and see: there is nothing.

I have looked in all the scriptures of the world religions: there is nothing. And that is our strength - that there is nothing, they are empty. Just you be full of light.