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Chapter 9: One Step at a Time

The first birth we get from our parents. It is not a birth, it is only the arrival of one more new death. It is another cycle that will end in death. It is not a birth, it is only taking on a new body.

There is another birth which you don’t get through your parents, but which happens through meditation. And that is the real birth. It is only after this birth that one becomes a dwija, twice-born. One has to give this birth to oneself. So don’t feel satisfied and at rest until you have known this second birth within yourself. Until then, no energy should remain dormant within you. So gather all your energies and start moving!

If you have worked hard, with determination, on the few keys I have given you, very soon you will find that a new person is being born within you, the birth of a totally new man. And the outer world will become new to the same extent as this new man has been born within you.

There is great light in the world, great brilliance and tremendous beauty, if only we have the eyes to see it and a heart to receive it. And the eyes to see and the heart to receive can be born in you. And this is the only reason that I have shared all these things with you during these last three days.

In a sense, there are not many points - in fact there are only a few. I have spoken about only two points: that life should be pure and consciousness should be empty. I have said only these two things - that life should be pure and consciousness should be empty. In fact, I have said only one thing - that consciousness should be empty. The purification of life is only a foundation for this.

When consciousness is empty, that emptiness gives you the capacity to see and unveil the hidden secret of existence. Then you don’t see leaves as leaves.the life within the leaves starts becoming visible to you. And in the waves of the ocean you don’t see the waves; you start seeing that which makes the waves. And then you don’t see the bodies of people, you start feeling the life which is throbbing in their bodies. There is no way to describe the wonder, the miracle you start feeling.

I have invited you and called you here to move towards this mystery, and I have given you a few keys for experiencing this mystery. These keys are eternal. These keys are neither mine nor anyone else’s, they are eternal. For as long as man has existed, for as long as he has had a longing for the divine, these keys have been available. They have nothing to do with any particular religion, they have nothing to do with any scriptures - they are eternal. These keys already existed before there were any scriptures or any religion, and these keys will continue to exist even if tomorrow all religious scriptures are destroyed, and all temples and mosques fall to the ground.

Religion is eternal. Sects form and disappear, religion is eternal. Scriptures are written and destroyed, religion is eternal; tirthankaras and paigambaras are born and they disappear.

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