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Chapter 29: Within Your Own Self

The court is not going to help. The court knows nothing of healing the spirit of people. Hundreds of cases - and finally the court has to dismiss them, because I am simply stating the facts which are in your own scriptures. If you are really hurt, burn those scriptures, because they are hurting you. You go on printing all kinds of nonsense in your scriptures and distributing them.

If I indicate that your scriptures are full of rubbish, and if you are really a religious man, either you will have an argument, sharper, higher, deeper than my argument. Quash my argument, or I am going to quash all your arguments. And the courts are not going to help, for the simple reason that your scriptures state the fact.

I have never spoken against any religion without solid evidence. If you are hurt, it simply means you were making castles in sand - just a little breeze and your castle disappears. And rather than thinking that you were idiotic - castles are not made in the sand, out of sand - you feel hurt because your castle has been destroyed. Send a summons to the breeze, “This breeze has hurt my feelings very much.” Perhaps it was not a castle, it was a temple.

Your religious feelings are hurt but I cannot stop speaking, for the simple reason that it is not me who is speaking. I am not a teacher. I have allowed the hidden secrets of life to speak through me, to speak through my eyes, to speak through my hands. I have offered everything to existence. Now only existence can stop me from speaking. It is not in my hands: I am no more. And the moment you are no more, you become a master. If you are just a parrot, repeating other parrots, dead parrots, you are a teacher.

It was a very strange experience. On the first day that I was in the university, it was just an accident that I used one chair in the common room, where all professors were sitting while they had no periods, waiting for their time. I sat on a chair. People were interested - I was a new man in the university - but soon they became aware that it was dangerous even to say hello to me, so my chair became my absolute monopoly. Not only that, a few chairs on this side, a few chairs on that side always remained empty - I alone was occupying almost seven chairs. Sometimes there were many more people, but nobody dared to sit by the side of my chair - because I may hurt somebody’s religious feeling.

But even professors who are well-educated and cultured are not able to defend their religion, because it is not their finding. It has been handed over to them by their parents, by the priests, but always by others. They don’t know the source of what they believe in, they don’t know whether there is such a thing as they are feeling hurt about because I have spoken against it.

The teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple, among his followers.

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