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Chapter 5: The Art of Let-Go

Let-go is one of the most beautiful spaces. You simply exist, doing nothing, sitting silently, and the grass grows by itself. You simply enjoy the songs of the birds, the greenness of the trees, the multidimensional, psychedelic colors of the flowers. You don’t have to do anything to experience existence; you have to stop doing. You have to be in an absolutely unoccupied state, with no tensions, with no worries.

In this state of tranquility you come into a certain attuning with the music that surrounds us. You suddenly become aware of the beauty of the sun. There are millions of people who have never enjoyed a sunset, who have never enjoyed a sunrise. They cannot afford it. They are continuously working and producing - not for themselves, but for the cunning vested interests: those who are in power, those who are capable of manipulating human beings.

Naturally they teach you that work is something great - it is in their interest. And the conditioning has become so deep that even you don’t know why you cannot relax.

Even on holidays people go on doing something or other. They cannot enjoy a holiday, just relaxing on the sea beach and enjoying the ocean and the very fresh and salty air. No, they will do any stupid thing. If they have nothing to do they may take their refrigerator apart - which has been functioning perfectly well - or they may destroy an old grandfather clock, which has been functioning for centuries. They are trying to improve upon it, but basically they cannot sit silently - that is the problem. They have to do something, they have to go somewhere.

On every holiday people are rushing to health resorts, sea beaches.not to rest there; they don’t have time to rest, because millions of people are going there. Holidays are the best time to remain at home, because the whole city has gone to the sea beach. Cars are going bumper to bumper.and by the time they reach the beach it is full of people; they cannot even find a small place to lie down. I have seen pictures of sea beaches. Even the ocean must be laughing at the stupidity of these people.

For a few minutes they will lie down, and then they need ice cream and they need Coca-Cola. And they have brought their portable television sets and everybody is listening to his transistor.. And then again the marathon race back home because the time is over. More accidents happen in the world on holidays than on any other days: more people are killed, more cars are crashed. It is strange! And for five days in the week - the working days - people are hoping, waiting with great longing for the holiday. And in those two days, which are the weekend, they are simply waiting for their offices and their factories to open. People have completely forgotten the language of relaxation. They have been made to forget it.

Every child is born with an inner capacity; you don’t have to teach the child how to relax.

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