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Chapter 1: Sex, Lies and the Roots of Meditation

My beloved ones,

What is love? To live it and know it is very easy but to say it is difficult. It is like asking a fish, “What is the sea?” The fish may say, “This is the sea. It is all around, all over.” But if you insist, “Please define the sea, don’t just indicate,” then the problem becomes really difficult for the fish.

In the life of humans also, all that is good, all that is beautiful and all that is true, can only be lived, can only be known. One can only be them but it is very difficult to define them, to talk about them. The misfortune is that something that humans should have been living, something which is actually meant to be lived, has only been talked about by them for the past five to six thousand years. Love is being talked about and discussed, songs of love are being sung, devotional hymns of love are being sung, but love itself has no place in the lives of human beings.

If we search deep within man we will find that no other word used by him is more false than love. The most unfortunate thing is his thinking that those who actually have falsified love, who actually have blocked all the streams of love, are the direct ancestors of love. Religion talks about love, but the kind of love that has surrounded man so far, like some misfortune, has only closed all the doors to love in his life. About this there is no basic difference between East and West, between India and America.

The river of love has not yet manifested in humans. And we blame man for this, we blame it on the mind. We say that human beings are bad, the mind is poisonous, and that is why there is no love flowing in our lives. The mind is not a poison. Those who call the mind poisonous have actually poisoned love and have not allowed it to be born. How can the mind be a poison? Nothing in this world is poison. Nothing is poison in the whole existence; everything is nectar. It is human beings who have turned this whole nectar into poison, and the major culprits are the so-called teachers, the so-called holy men and saints, the so-called religious people.

It is necessary to understand this in detail, because if this is not seen clearly, there is no possibility for love in any human being’s life - not even in the future.

We go on using the very things that have been responsible for not allowing love to be born, as the foundations for the birth of love. The situation is that even though totally wrong principles are repeated and reiterated down the centuries, we fail to see their basic flaws just because of the repetition. Instead, human beings are deemed to be wrong because they are unable to fulfill the requirements of those principles.

I have heard:

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