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Chapter 8: Fictitious Father, Crackpot Son

The woman you have fallen in love with in some way resembles your mother, in some way. Of course, she cannot be one hundred percent your mother. Perhaps her hairstyle is the same as your mother’s, perhaps her nose, perhaps the color of her eyes, perhaps the way she walks, perhaps the sound of her voice resembles your mother’s. You fall in love with that partial mother in the woman. It is your mother calling you through this woman to fall in love, it is nothing to do with “happening.” But it is a partial thing, remember. The hairdo, or the nose.

What are you going to do with the hairdo and the nose? Soon you will discover on your honeymoon, “My God! This is not my mother.” And the girl has fallen in love with you because something in you resembles her father. So both are searching for something which is not there.

So the woman will be looking at the husband, and will be surprised that she has been deceived. This is not the man she was looking for, “Only his mustache looked like my father’s!” But what to do with the mustache?

The husband is looking for his mother, and the wife is looking for her father. Both are in a tremendous dilemma: “How did it happen? Now how to get rid of each other?” And the problem becomes more difficult because the church does not allow divorce.

Christianity says - I am quoting the Bible - “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.” God has joined wives and husbands together; let no man put them asunder. This is interpreted as the basis for forbidding divorce. Whatever the suffering, all the old stories end up with marriage, all ancient stories end up with marriage, with the last statement after the marriage, “and they lived in happiness forever.”

The truth is, after the marriage is the deluge, after the marriage is the hellfire. So as not to disturb people, every story stops at the marriage. In fact this is the beginning of the story, and they have made it the end.

Meeting a girl on the sea beach is not the real thing. Neither is the girl real, nor are you real. You are pretending to be a great man, a hero, Alexander the Great. She is pretending to be Sophia Loren. You both are hypocrites - but hypocrisy is good on the sea beach. You see each other only for a few seconds, or a few hours at the most. Hypocrisy can be maintained for a few hours, but it cannot be maintained for your whole life. Once you get married, the hypocrisy becomes a burden, you cannot carry it.

Two persons got married and entered a sea resort honeymoon hotel. The wife immediately started moving towards the bathroom, and told the husband, “Put the light off. When I come to bed I don’t like lights on.”

The husband said, “This is a strange thing, because I have to go to the bathroom also. The lights should remain on!”

The wife said, “Do you hear me or not? Put the lights off!”

The husband said, “It is better to say the truth. The truth is that one of my legs is false!” - and he took the leg off and put it aside. He said, “I cannot walk in the darkness. It is very difficult for me to walk even in the light!”

The wife said, “If that is the case, then it is better to be friends.” She pulled off both her breasts and threw them down.

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