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Chapter 3: In the Search Is the Ego

In the search is the personality, in the search are all the saints, the sages, the prophets, the incarnations of God - in the search. The moment you arrive you are just a pure silence, a nothingness - alive, abundantly alive, overflowingly alive, full of fragrance, but now there is no movement. You will remain in this silence for eternity. I think every one of you has returned from the house, knows the way, knows the house and is still searching and seeking and asking, “Where is the house of God? Where can I find him?”

The moment you understand that the reason for your search is not that you are not enlightened, the reason for your search is that the mind wants to go on living, and it can live only in your unenlightenment.. You have to choose. You can choose the mind and go on seeking for eternity that which is right now available, this very moment. Or you can choose the state of no-mind, no-movement, and disappear in the cosmos, in eternal peace, in the splendor of the universe. But it all depends on you; it is your freedom.

The biblical story that God drove out Adam and Eve from paradise is certainly wrong. It is Adam and Eve who escaped, because in the garden of paradise there was no possibility of being a prophet, no possibility of being someone special, no possibility of any ego arising. In the garden of paradise you and the trees and the animals are all equal. Seeing this situation, my own understanding is that Adam and Eve escaped, they were not driven out. It was a revolt against a state where everything was available and there was no way to find anything new. Escaping from that kingdom, man started searching.

I have reasons to say that.In India the twenty-four tirthankaras of the Jainas are all kings who renounced their kingdoms. Gautam Buddha was going to be the king, the only son of his old father. He escaped before he was crowned as a king. The ceremonies were prepared for - because the old man wanted Gautam Buddha to be crowned before him; he wanted to see his son on the throne. Seeing the situation, Gautam Buddha escaped. He had seen everything, he had all that was possible in those days for anybody to have in his possession. The most beautiful women of the kingdom were collected just for his pleasure. His father had made three different palaces in different places, for different seasons.

In India, just in my childhood, seasons were absolutely certain. They became disturbed only after the second world war; otherwise, each season was four months. And it was absolutely determined: the winter comes exactly on one date, the winter goes exactly on one date.

The old king had made three beautiful palaces in his kingdom, so when it was summer Gautam Buddha could move to a hill station; when it was winter, too cold, he could come to the plains, near a beautiful river; when it was too rainy.. He had found a place for him where it was a pleasure, not in any way a trouble.

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