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Chapter 9: Means and Ends

He is searching. I have seen him here many times wandering around you, just waiting, waiting. If you forget the words he will talk to you. And not only Chuang Tzu - Krishna, Christ, Lao Tzu, Buddha, they are all in search of you; all the enlightened people are in search of the ignorant. But they cannot talk because they know a language which is of silence, and you know a language which is of madness. That cannot lead anywhere. They are in search. All the buddhas that have ever existed are in search. Whenever you are silent you will feel that they have always been all around you.

It is said that whenever the disciple is ready the master appears. Whenever you are ready the truth will be delivered to you. There is not even a single moment’s gap. Whenever you are ready, it happens immediately. There is no time gap.

Remember Chuang Tzu. Any moment he may start talking to you, but before he starts talking, your talking must go.

Enough for today.