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Chapter 1: Ambition

If you can understand that you don’t know anything, then that is the first ray of wisdom. Now you have become honest. Now you have at least accepted one truth: that you don’t know anything. You have put your scriptures aside and you have left your words behind. You have become honest. You have become authentic with yourself in seeing that you don’t know anything about your soul or about salvation; you don’t know what life is all about. This acceptance of your ignorance is the first step of wisdom.

If any wise person happens to have come here, please go back. I will be able to work only with those who are aware of their ignorance. Your knowledge will become a barrier for you. And if you already know, what is the need to make unnecessary efforts here? And please understand this rightly - only if you are sick will I give you medicine; only if you are ignorant will I try to take you towards wisdom; only if you are in darkness will I show you the path to light. But if you are already standing in the light, then don’t waste your efforts and mine. It is very easy to wake a man who is sleeping, but it is very difficult to wake a man who is pretending to be asleep.

The second thing: the life of every person is a search for only one thing - how to get rid of suffering, how to attain happiness. There is only one thirst, one search. Even if a tree is rising out of the ground towards the sky, it is on this search. Every bird that flies, every animal that moves, every man that lives.they are all this same search. In existence, the inner search of even a stone is for happiness. So the second thing to keep in mind is, what are you searching for?

Many people go straight into the search for godliness, but that search is difficult. It is difficult because there is no deep inner thirst for it. If you follow your thirst, then one day perhaps that thirst may ripen into the thirst for godliness - but it is not yet the case. Understand this rightly, that right now your search is for bliss. Maybe this search will take you farther - maybe the Ganges coming out of this little Gangotri will move farther on.

Slowly, slowly, as your search deepens, you may realize that bliss is another name for godliness; you may realize that bliss is one of the attributes of godliness. And you may come to know that your search is not only for bliss, but for something greater. But the initial search is for happiness, not for godliness.

Some people get involved with godliness right at the start; then it becomes difficult. Their effort to become a tree begins without first becoming a seed. Then there will be problem. Then there will be much running around, but with no result - and when no result comes, they are disappointed and in despair.

So one thing is that you have come here in search of bliss. Drop this God. There is no hurry. Start your journey with the search for bliss, and it will end with your attaining to godliness. But don’t begin with it. It is appropriate to start the climb from the first rung; the beginning should be from a, then to b and then to c. Everyone understands bliss, even if he is an atheist. Whether he is a Hindu, a Mohammedan, a Christian or a Jaina; whether he believes in God or not; whether he has faith in religion or not; he may be anybody but the search for bliss is universal. So let us begin with that which everyone is searching for.

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