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Chapter 3: The Seeds to the Flowers: Creating the Milieu

The world is divided into two types, not two types of countries. The bad people are dominating and the good people are so good that they don’t even ask them not to. Actually, even being dominated doesn’t make a difference to the good, because the shower of their bliss, their love, their nectar is happening within them.

Your question is wrong; and a wrong question cannot have a right answer.

You just said that the world is divided into two types: the good and the bad. You went out of India in search of goodness. How much goodness and how much badness did you get to see during your recent travels?

Which idiot has told you that I went out of India in search of goodness? Or is it your own invention?

.If goodness and badness are both here in India.

First answer my question. This is not an ordinary press conference on politics. You will leave from here thoroughly shattered.

Who told you that I had gone out of India in search of goodness? I had gone out to spread goodness. And I found good people and I also found bad people. And my conclusion is that it makes no difference where you live. What makes the difference is who you are. No one is good or bad because of zameen, the land, but because of zameer, the heart.

From what you have experienced in the past thirty-two years, after living both in India and abroad, is there any significant change in your thoughts about India, America, religion, sex, and the problems of India and their solutions?

Great change has come, because I am not a rotting stagnant pond. I am a flowing Ganges. I am moving forward each moment.

The famous thinker of Greece, Heraclites, has said, “You cannot step in the same river twice.” Some day, in some world, in eternity, I am going to meet Heraclites, and then I want to say to him that you cannot step in the same river even once, because the river is continuously flowing. By the time you touch the upper surface of the river, the lower surface has flowed away. And by the time you arrive at the lower surface, the upper surface has flowed away.

The seed is the same - it has become the tree, the foliage and the blossoming flowers. In my life I haven’t grown in opposition to anything. Rather whatever I have said, I have only refined it more and more. So I will certainly not say the same things that I was saying thirty years ago.

Thirty years ago I was talking of the seeds; now I am showering the flowers.

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