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Chapter 1: The Unteachable Teaching

They remain almost like animals: eating, sleeping - and confined to such things. A life of routine, moving like a wheel; they are born, they live, they give birth to others, and they die. And the wheel goes on moving: they are born again, the same thing is repeated again and again, ad nauseam.

Then there is the second part of humanity: a few, who inquire. But they don’t know how to learn. They search, but they don’t understand that this search needs an inner transformation, only then it becomes possible. An inner mutation is needed.

In this dimension, learning is not like other learnings. You can learn chemistry, physics, mathematics, without any change in your consciousness. There is no need to change your consciousness; as you are, you can learn. But religion is a learning in which a basic requirement is: First change your consciousness.

Even before the learning starts you have to be prepared for it. A long preparation is needed, otherwise learning cannot start.

The second part inquires, but is not ready, so it goes on round and round in theories, hypotheses, human mental projections, inventions of articulate people, verbalizations, philosophies, metaphysics - there are thousands of theories available for this type of person.

He can choose - the market is vast, and he can go on changing from one theory to another, because no theory can give you the right thing. Theories can’t give, so you get fed up with one theory, then you choose another; you get fed up with one teacher, then you move to another teacher - and people go on, they become wanderers.

I come across the second type of people every day. They have been to this ashram, they have been to that, they have been to this teacher and to that, and they have been moving from one to another: nothing satisfies. But they are not aware that it is not a question of the teacher, it is the basic preparation that they are lacking. They are not yet ready to be disciples, and if you are not ready to be a disciple, how can you find the master? Tradition has it that when the disciple is ready the master appears on his own accord. You need not even search for him, he will come. Whenever a disciple is ready, the master will appear immediately. You go on searching for him, and he never appears. Something is wrong within you. Something within you frustrates the whole effort. You are not ready.

You cannot meet a master on your conditions, you have to fulfill his conditions. And they are eternal, they have never changed, they remain the same. One has to learn how to be a disciple.

This second part of humanity becomes a wandering mass of inquirers. They never gain much. They become rolling stones, which never gather any moss. They move on.rolling.

Then there is a third part - very rare human beings, exceptions, the cream of humanity.

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