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Chapter 1: Tale of Love, Untellable

Love’s not grown in gardens;
love’s not sold at market.
He who wants it, king or commoner,
gives his head and takes it.

Studying great books many have died.
None ever become learned.
Two letters and a half in love,
who studies them is learning.

Narrow is the lane of love.
Two will never fit.
When I was, the lord was not.
Now he is; I am not.

Kabir says: clouds of love
came on me showering;
soaked the heart,
greening the inner jungle.

A heart dry of love;
Ram again untasted.
Thus is man in this world:
his arising wasted.

Roused, ecstatic with his name,
love-drunk, overflowing,
reveling in his vision.
Why bother with liberation?

Tale of love, untellable.
Not a bit’s ever told.
The sweets of a dumb one -
he enjoys.And smiles.

I look at you and am convinced of one thing, that you once had something - some treasure, some symmetry, some secret, some key - but you have lost it. Every moment, asleep or awake, you are always busy looking for something. It is quite possible you do not know exactly what you are searching for and that you are unaware of what you have lost, but I see the hunger in your eyes. It is apparent in every beat of your heart.

This quest has been going on for countless lives. Sometimes you call it the search for truth. But you have never known truth, so how can you lose it? And sometimes you call it the search for God. But your meeting with him has never taken place, so how can you be separated from him? You go in search to the temples, to the mosques, to Kashi and to Mecca; you knock on every door you come across in the hope you will find what you have lost. But as long as you do not know exactly what it is you have lost your search cannot be fulfilled. Your own experience will tell you the same thing - you have knocked on many doors, but you have always returned empty-handed. The doors are not to be blamed for this. Before you set out in search you should know what it is you are looking for, what it is you have lost.

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