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Chapter 7: The Sacred Explosion

When you are feeling anything, just be with it, utterly with it, with no judgment of good and bad. It is so, so be with it. Buddha calls it tathata, suchness. Such is the case in this moment. This is what existence is pouring into you. He knows better, so it must be your need, whether you can understand it or not. Your understanding is not the question, your acceptance is the question. In utter relaxed acceptance, you have the key of transforming everything.

To be in trust means that whatsoever happens is good because it happens through the whole. Whatsoever happens is good because it comes from the whole. It is a gift: it has to be taken with great gratitude. And then who can prevent you from being victorious? Then no power can prevent you from being victorious: all victory is yours.

Apply yourself, hand and foot,
to the search;
but when you reach the sea,
stop talking of the stream.

Existence needs you to be involved totally with him, a partial involvement won’t do. A partial involvement is not a true involvement; true involvement is always total.

Apply yourself, hand and foot,
to the search.

The search has to be passionate. All that you have been searching for up to now - you have been searching for money and power and prestige and a thousand and one things - God has not to be one item on the long list of your desires. Even if you put him first on the list, then too, you will go on missing him. He has to be your only search. All your desires should become one desire, all your desires should pour as if all the rivers are pouring into the ocean. To become godly should become your only search - only then, and only then, the revelation.

Millions of people think of God, but they are never capable of penetrating to that mystery, are never able to have a real experience of godliness. And the reason? The reason is simple; God is only one item on their shopping list - just one item. They are not really ready to be totally devoted. And in this world, only total devotion succeeds.

In your ordinary mundane life too, whenever you see a great poet you will immediately see his total devotion to his art. That’s why he’s great. Totality brings greatness. His whole life has only one meaning, one center, and it revolves around that center: his art.

When you see Van Gogh or a Picasso, then you will see, all his life is nothing but his painting. He thinks about it, he meditates about it, he dreams about it, he is constantly fascinated by it. Not even for a single moment does he forget it.

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