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Chapter 1: The Toast Is Burned

And this is going to be your path. Empty your boat. Go on throwing out whatsoever you find in the boat, until everything is thrown out and nothing is left, even you are thrown out, nothing is left, your being has become just empty.

The last thing and the first thing is to be empty; once you are empty you will be filled. The all will descend on you when you are empty - only emptiness can receive the all, nothing less will do, because to receive all you have to be so empty, boundlessly empty. Only then can the all be received. Your minds are so small they cannot receive the divine. Your rooms are so small you cannot invite the divine. Destroy this house completely because only the sky, space, total space, can receive.

Emptiness is going to be the path, the goal, everything. From tomorrow morning try to empty yourself of all that you find within: your misery, your anger, your ego, jealousies, sufferings, your pain, your pleasures - whatsoever you find, just throw it out. Without any distinction, without any choice, empty yourself. And the moment you are totally empty, suddenly you will see that you are the whole, the all. Through voidness, the whole is achieved.

Meditation is nothing but emptying, becoming nobody.

In this camp move as a nobody. If you create anger in somebody and you collide, remember, you must be there in the boat, that’s why it is happening. Soon, when your boat is empty, you will not collide, there will be no conflict, no anger, no violence - nothing.

This nothing is the benediction, this nothing is the blessing. For this nothing you have been searching and searching. But unless the searcher is lost, there can be no fulfillment.

And now that you have come, don’t go back filled with yourself. Go empty. Move in this wide world as an empty boat, and all the blessings of life, all the blessings that are possible in existence will be yours. Claim them but you can claim them only when you are not. This is the problem - how not to be. And I say to you it can be solved. I have solved it, that’s why I say it.

It will be difficult for you to meet Chuang Tzu. But I am here. You can look in me, you will find the same empty boat. I’m talking to you, but nobody is talking to you. And I’m not claiming any wisdom, I’m not claiming anything. I have no powers to cure you, no miracles will happen here, because I’m interested only in the ultimate miracle - when somebody becomes ordinary. That is the ultimate miracle. Meditate on it, pray for it, make all efforts for it. And remember only one thing - you have to become the empty boat.