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Chapter 2: Thought Birth Control

A sadhu, a seeker, was once standing on a hill. It was early morning and the sun was beginning to shine. Some friends were out for a walk. They saw the sadhu standing all alone. They asked each other, “What can this sadhu be doing there?”

One of them said, “His cow sometimes gets lost in the jungle and perhaps he is standing on the hill looking for her.” The other friends did not agree. Another said, “From the way he is standing, he does not seem to be looking for something. He rather seems to be waiting for somebody, perhaps a friend who accompanied him and has been left behind somewhere.” But the others did not agree with this either. A third one said, “He is neither searching for anyone nor waiting for anyone. He is absorbed in the contemplation of God.” They could not agree so they approached the sadhu himself to clarify the situation.

The first one asked, “Are you looking for your lost cow?” The sadhu replied, “No.” Another asked, “Are you waiting for someone then?” To this he answered, “No.” The third one asked, “Are you contemplating God?” Again the sadhu replied in the negative. All the three were amazed.

Together, they asked him, “Then what are you doing here?” The sadhu said, “I am doing nothing. I am just standing. I am just being.”

We have just to exist this simply. We have to do nothing. We have to let go of everything and just be. Then something that cannot be put into words will happen. That experience alone which cannot be expressed in words is the experience of the truth, the self, of godliness.