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Chapter 18: Every Desire Creates Conflict

No matter which girl he brings home, Tom finds disapproval from his mother. He asks his friend for advice. “Find a girl just like your mother, then she is bound to like her,” advises his friend.

So, after much searching, Tom finally finds the girl. “Just like you said,” he tells his friend. “She talks, dresses, and even looks like my mother, and just like you said, my mother liked her.”

“So,” asks his friend, “what’s happening?”

“Nothing,” says Tom, “my father hates her!”

How to find peace? If you find a woman just like your mother, it is absolutely certain your father will hate her, and he will veto your marriage.

“Will my husband be permitted to stay with me during the delivery?” Mary asked the doctor in the maternity ward.

“Ah, yes,” replied the doctor, “I also believe the father of the child should be present at its birth.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” said Mary, “he and my husband don’t get along too well together.”

Life is such a ridiculous drama. It will be simply a miracle if you can find anywhere something even resembling a faraway echo of peace.

Several members of the Golden Age Club were being asked, “Why do you think God has permitted you to reach the age of ninety-five?”

Without hesitation one wealthy old lady said, “To test the patience of my relatives.”

All old people are doing that everywhere in every family, just testing the peace of their relatives.

Hymie Goldberg looked very sad; his wife was sick, so he called the doctor. After examining Mrs. Goldberg, the doctor said to Hymie, “I am afraid it is bad news: your wife has only a few hours to live. I hope you understand there is nothing more to be done. Don’t let yourself suffer.”

“It is all right, doc,” said Goldberg, “I have suffered for forty years, I can suffer a few more hours. It is not a big problem.”

People who are living together are suffering together. People are in love with each other or in hate with each other.

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