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Chapter 7: Preparing for the Last World War

Nine million civilians have been killed in conventional wars since Hiroshima. In ancient times, civilians were never killed. It is absolutely absurd: if your armies are fighting, the people who are fighting in armies may be killed, but now there seems to be no sensibility, no reasonability - nine million people who are civilians are killed. There may be small children, women, old people - who have nothing to do with the war, who may be reading in their schools, who may be working in their factories, or who may be cooking in their kitchens.

Just a few days ago Ronald Reagan, for no reason at all, attacked Libya - he bombed the civilian parts of Libya. His target was Kaddafi, and because Kaddafi has three houses inside the city, all his three houses had to be bombed. And in bombing his houses, other houses were burned and bombed. And just now, investigators have come to know that while the bombing was going on, professional killers were searching inside Libya for Kaddafi because it was possible he might not be killed by the bombs, he might not be in his own house.

So they were bombing the civilians, and professional killers were searching inside Libya to find Kaddafi. They could only kill Kaddafi’s daughter. And neither Kaddafi nor the Libyans have done anything wrong against them.

And it is a coincidence that the day England allowed Ronald Reagan to use England as a base for bombing Libya, the parliament of England did not allow me to stay at the airport, in the lounge, for six hours - because I am a dangerous man! And Ronald Reagan is allowed to use England to bomb an innocent country which has done no harm to him.

This is as dark a night as humanity has ever faced.

The current war budget is around seven hundred billion dollars per year. Every year, fifteen million people die from malnutrition and disease, and every year seven hundred billion dollars are spent on warfare.

Every minute, thirty children die for want of food and inexpensive vaccines and every minute one point three million dollars of public funds are spent on the world’s military budget.

It seems we are not interested in life anymore; we have decided to commit suicide. Man has never been in such a suicidal mood - ever, in the whole of history.

Two hundred and fifty million children have not received even a basic education. A single nuclear submarine equals the annual education budget for one hundred and sixty million school-age children in twenty-three developing countries. Just one submarine! And there are thousands of submarines moving around the ocean all over the world - American and Russian both - and each submarine has nuclear weapons six times more powerful than all the weapons that were used in the second world war. And they are so costly that we could have provided our children with education and food, nutrition. But our interests are not there.

These are the politicians who don’t want to be interfered with, who want absolute control of humanity - nobody above them.

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