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Chapter 5: The Oasis of Your Awareness

Your awakening right now, Buddha, is not real awakening. You are in a deep sleep, a slumber, and dreaming a thousand and one dreams. If you allow me to hit you, you will wake up for the first time. Your dreams will disappear, your sleep will be broken, and you will come to know for the first time who you are. Once you have tasted that awakening you cannot fall asleep again. That taste is such - it permeates your whole being, it pervades you, it overwhelms you, it encompasses you. This intoxication is just to help you to fall awake.

That’s why I have given you the name Swami Ananda Buddha: blissful awareness, blissful awakening. You are asleep, and the potential is there - you can fall awake. And the first stirrings are felt by you.

Take the risk! In your dream-world nothing is secure, not even your so-called secure job. In your so-called world nothing is certain. The dream-world cannot be certain - it is a flux, everything is changing and moving. Today you are in a secure job, tomorrow you may not be in it. Today you are living with a woman, tomorrow she is gone. Today you have a beautiful child, tomorrow existence has taken it back. What is secure here?

Except awakening, nothing is secure here. All is just hallucination, all is just deceiving yourself, creating newer and newer mirages. The oasis exists not! This world is a desert. The oasis exists in your awareness only. Create that oasis of awareness. And whatsoever is needed for it, do. Whatsoever price has to be paid, pay. Whatsoever has to be risked, risk - because all else is going to be taken away from you anyway. Death will come, and your job and your wife and your children and your name and fame - all will be taken away. Before death comes, search for awareness because those who become aware in life, for them death never comes. They become deathless. They know what immortality is, because in your awareness you come to know not the body, but the one who resides in it.

The fourth question:

Even though I did not understand what was happening, I have had enlightening experiences through the use of hallucinogenic drugs. I know that LSD is false, but what is, if any, the truth about mushrooms?

LSD is not false, LSD is as real as anything else. But the experience that is created by LSD is a false samadhi. Remember the distinction that I am making: LSD is not false, but the experience that is created under the impact of LSD is a false experience.

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