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Chapter 53: From Death to Deathlessness

That too is an imaginative technique. The ego is always afraid - afraid of being vulnerable, open; afraid something may enter and destroy it. So the ego creates a citadel around it; you start living in a walled prison. Nothing should be allowed to enter in you. You are afraid - if something comes in and disturbs, then what to do? - so it is better not to allow anything to come in. All communication stops. Even with those you love or you think that you love, there is no communication.

Look at a wife and husband talking. They are not talking to each other; there is no communication. Rather, they are avoiding each other through words. They are talking so that the communication can be avoided. In silence they will become vulnerable, in silence they will come closer, because in silence the ego, the wall, will not be there. So the husband and wife, they will never be silent. They will be talking about something or other just to fill in time, and just so as not to be open to each other. We are so afraid of the other.

I have heard about Mulla Nasruddin, that one day as he was just walking out of his house his wife said, “Nasruddin, have you forgotten what day today is?”

Nasruddin knew about it - it was their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary - so he said, “I know it. I know it well.”

The wife persisted, “Then how are we going to celebrate it?”

So Nasruddin said, “Darling, I don’t know.” And then he scratched his head, puzzled, and said, “How would it be if we keep two minutes’ silence to celebrate it?”

You cannot remain silent with someone; you begin to feel restlessness. In silence, the other enters you. You are open, your doors are open, your windows are open. You are afraid. You go on talking, you go on creating devices to remain closed.

The ego is an enclosure, it is a prison, and the prison is accepted because we feel so insecure. The prison gives a certain feeling of security: you are protected, guarded. To do this technique, this third technique, the first and most basic thing is: know well that life is insecurity. There is no way to make it secure. Whatsoever you do is not going to help. You can create only a fiction of security - life remains insecure. It is the very nature of it, because death is involved in it, so how can life be secure?

And think for a moment: if life is really secure, it will be already dead. An absolutely totally secure life cannot be alive, because the very adventure is lost. If you are protected from all dangers you will be dead. In the very being of life there is adventure, danger, insecurity. Death is involved.

I love you. I have entered a dangerous path. Now nothing can be secure, but now I will try to make everything secure. For tomorrow, I will kill everything that is alive, because only then can I feel secure tomorrow also. Love is transformed into marriage - marriage is a security. Love is insecure - the next moment everything can change. And you have invested so much, and in the next moment the beloved leaves you, or the friend leaves you, and you are left in a vacuum. Love is insecure. You cannot fix the future, you cannot predict. So live is killed and a secure substitute is found - that is marriage.