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Chapter 3: Close Your Eyes and Try to Catch Him

Dangers are there - storms will be there, clouds and thunder and lightning. For a small plant the whole world is a crisis, a thousand and one risks. For the seed there is no danger; the seed is closed, windowless. It is in an imprisonment - protected, well-protected. But a small plant is very fragile. Watch it: a seed is very hard, secure; the plant is fragile and soft, and can be destroyed very easily. And the flower is even more fragile - as fragile as a dream, as fragile as a poem. And the fragrance is even more fragile; it almost disappears, becomes indefinable. All growth is towards the unknown, towards the soft, towards the fragile, towards the indefinable. Growth is towards disappearance. Only the gross appears; God is invisible. Only matter appears; mind is invisible. Only the gross can be touched, is tangible, but the subtle is intangible. That’s why God cannot be seen - because God is the fragrance of the flower - very subtle, very, very subtle.

Remember, with the gross there is more security. Lust is more secure than love; love is more secure than prayer. And if you are looking for security you will remain confined in lust.

Many people are born in sex. Nothing is wrong with that; everybody has to be born in sex. The problem arises when many people live only in sex, and die also in sex. That means that there has been no growth, no evolution. Being born in sex is perfectly natural, but to die in it? Then what is the point? Then what is the meaning of being born? Then you have not grown; then nothing has happened to you.

I was reading about one old man, an old man of almost eighty-five years. He went to his doctor, and he said, “Doctor, I am becoming impotent.”

The doctor looked at him and said, “Oh? And when did you first notice this?”

The old man said, “Last night and again this morning.”

People live.the longer you live in lust, the uglier becomes your being. And if you have to also die in it, then the whole life was a wastage. You never even went a step further than your birth. Birth is of course natural, it has to be in sex - but death need not be.

I have heard..

Little Sammy was busy doing his homework while waiting with his Mummy in the baby clinic. He turned to his Mum and said, “Mummy, where did I come from?”

She said, “Ach.ah, the stork brought you, darling.”

“Where did you come from?”

“Oh, the stork brought me too.”

“And where did Grandmama come from?”

“Why, Grandmama was found under a gooseberry bush.”

So he continued his essay and wrote, “It seems that there has not been a natural birth in our family for three generations!”

To be born in sex is natural; one need not be defensive about it. But to die in sex is unnatural. From sex one should step higher. From the seed to the fragrance is the evolution. But many people live a repetitive cycle: they go on moving in a routine. They go on doing things, not even aware of what they are doing, not even aware of how many times they have done the same thing, not being aware that it brings nothing. But they go on doing it, not knowing what else to do. They remain occupied in the same circular way.

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