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Chapter 10: Man Is Born in Tao

This word lunatic is very good. It comes from luna, the moon. A madman is always moon mad, struck by the moon; the moon has always been the goal of all the mad people. For the first time they have achieved the goal, they have reached the moon.

But what have you gained from it? When you have reached the moon, the goal shifts ahead, the horizon goes ahead. Now you have to reach another planet - and then another planet. Why so much wastage of energy and life?

And the so-called religions go on condemning your needs. This has become their slogan - not to enjoy is to be religious. “Eat, drink and be merry” is their condemnation. Whenever they want to condemn anybody, they will say, “He believes in ‘eat, drink and be merry.’ ”

But Chuang Tzu says: Eat, drink and be merry. If you can be totally in it you have achieved the Tao, nothing more is needed. Be simple, allow nature, and don’t force nature in any direction. Don’t become a soldier, a fighter, a warrior with life. Surrender to life and let life happen through you. That is the first thing.

The second thing: everybody is in search of security. But then you are in search of an impossibility. And whenever you seek an impossibility, you meet frustration. It is not possible, it is not the nature of things to be secure. Insecurity is the very soul of life. Insecurity is the very taste: as the sea tastes salty, so anywhere you taste life it tastes insecure. Only death is secure. Life has to be insecure because of its very nature. Why?

Whenever a thing is alive it is changing; only a dead thing never changes. Whenever there is change there is insecurity. What does change mean? A change means moving from the known into the unknown. And the base of all insecurity is that you want to cling to the known.

Look at it in this way: a child is in the womb of the mother. If it wants to be secure it is better to cling to the womb and not come out. Can you get a more secure situation, a more secure position, than being in the womb forever and ever? There is no responsibility for the child - no worry, no job, no office, no problem to solve. Everything is solved automatically. The child has not even to breathe on his own, the mother breathes for him. The child’s heart beats through the heartbeat of the mother, the mother’s blood goes on feeding the child. He is perfectly in heaven. Can you think of a better heaven than the womb? - comfortable, asleep, not even a dream flickers in a silent sleep. And then comes the birth! And psychologists say that birth is very traumatic because the child is thrown out, uprooted from his security. A convenient home, the most comfortable.we have not been able to create anything like it. No noise enters; it is as if the world does not exist at all. The child has not to make any choice and be divided; there is no training, no conditioning. He simply enjoys himself as if he is the very center of the world.

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