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Chapter 5: Be a Chaos at Ease

Simply relax, be in a let-go, and centering will be a consequence. One can never make it a result, it is a consequence. On a person who is relaxed, centering falls like a shadow. When I say relaxed, I am not saying make relaxation your goal, otherwise you will never be relaxed. If you try to relax you will become tense.

Accept everything. All that happens to you, accept and welcome it. Nothing is wrong, nothing can be wrong - that should be the basic attitude. Everything is holy - going astray too. Just float, and centering will come by itself, on its own accord. Don’t make any effort. No effort is needed, or only no-effort is needed..

And everything is going well.


There’s a lot of fear and insecurity since the last Primal Therapy group.

What is the base of it?

Something to do with responsibility.in relation to importance and being needed, and my security founded in this place.and just not feeling any.

There is none, and there is no security anywhere. Life is insecure, and there is no ground to it - it is groundless.

In the very asking, you create the problem: when you ask for security, you become insecure. The more you ask, the more insecure you will be, because insecurity is the very nature of life. If you don’t ask for security then you will never be worried by the insecurity. As trees are green, life is insecure. If you start asking that trees should be white then there are problems. The problem is created by you, not by the trees. They are green, and you ask them to be white! They cannot do it; they cannot perform in that way.

Life is insecure, love is insecure. We are in emptiness, in tremendous nothingness. And it is good that it is so, otherwise we would be dead. Life can be a security only if you are dead; then everything can be certain.

Underneath a rock there is ground. Underneath a flower there is none; the flower is insecure. A small breeze and the flower may disperse, the petals may fall and disappear. It is a miracle that the flower is there. Life is a miracle - because there is no reason for it to be. It is simply a miracle that you are, otherwise there is every reason for you not to be.

Maturity comes to you only when you accept this. And not only accept; you start rejoicing in it. Life is insecure - that means life is free. If there is security then there will be bondage; if everything is certain then there will be no freedom. If tomorrow is fixed then there can be security, but you have no freedom. Then you are just like a robot. You have to fulfill certain things that are already predestined.

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