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Chapter 5: You Must See for Yourself

Mulla Nasruddin died.his grave still exists in Iran. He used to carry his door wherever he would go, and people would ask, “What is the matter? Why are you carrying that board? Have you become a Christian?” But even Christ was carrying only the cross, not a board. “Is it some improvement on the cross?”

He said “No, it is just a security measure. Nobody can enter into my house except through the door. So I carry the door.”

When he died his disciples wondered what to do about the door. He had left a written will in which he mentioned it: “Just put the door in front of my grave, lock it and put the keys in my hand inside the grave.”

They are still there, the door and the grave; and the skeleton must have the keys. He is saying, “If the door is closed and the keys are with me, nobody can disturb my sleep until the judgment day, nobody can enter into the grave.” He has taken security measures. Even after death, the door is locked. You may think it seems to be utter foolishness, but the man was laughing about you in all his acts, all his statements.

This act is also simply laughing at your stupidity. What do you think about your security, your bank balance? You can go bankrupt. What do you think of your security, your husband, your wife? If either of you is intelligent enough, he will escape.

There is no security. Even if you carry the door there is no security; in fact it makes you more vulnerable. Thieves don’t bother about entering through the door. In fact they never enter through the door; they just make a hole in the wall on their own accord.

But the most hilarious part is.one cold winter night a thief entered into Mulla Nasruddin’s house. Mulla Nasruddin opened one eye and looked at the thief. The thief started trembling - a man asleep with one eye open? Now he can neither go in, nor even get out. He was so much afraid, but Mulla said, “Don’t be worried, I’m coming with you.”

He said, “Where?”

Mulla said, “Into the house where you are going.”

The thief said, “You seem to be mad! I am a thief!”

Mulla said, “I don’t care who you are. For thirty years I have been looking around in this house, and I haven’t found anything. Now let us have a partnership - whatever is found we split fifty-fifty. You came at the right time, because I was becoming discouraged.”

The thief said, “My God!”

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