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Chapter 20: The Power of the Mystic

And she is also a coward. What is the point of writing the letter to me? You should have stood up and seen what happened then. While I was here, nothing would have happened. But when I would have left, five thousand people - they are not cannibals; otherwise they would have made a good breakfast of you. But they can play football; that is not against spirituality.

So remember: if you don’t feel at ease with the whole, just leave the place. And don’t ask stupid questions. Before you ask a question, think over what you are asking. Those security people are for you, so that you can meditate without disturbance, you can work without disturbance, you can live without disturbance.

And strange, that just three dozen security people can keep you in peace for four years. You should be grateful to these people, because they are bored with the guns, just standing with the guns for four years, no chance to use them. And if sometime they have to use them, by that time they may have forgotten how to use them. They are for your security, and you seem to be against them. You are nuts or something!

If the government takes the responsibility that no nuisance will be done in this commune, we can withdraw the security forces - and what security forces against the greatest world power!

In these four years, I have seen that Adolf Hitler did only one thing wrong: rather than attacking Russia, he should have attacked America! These cowards, who are afraid of three dozen ordinary guns - not even automatic.. The American seems to be the most cowardly, spineless.!

You made the Constitution, and you have put the people to whom this land belongs into reservations. The reservation is nothing but the American name for concentration camps - yes, without barbed wire. You have a more sophisticated way: you give those Red Indians pensions. Now, people who have nothing to do, and get enough money, what do you expect them to do? They will gamble, they will drink, they will fight. They are all drunkards, gamblers - rowdy. These people cannot think of independence, they cannot think of freedom. You have not put barbed wire around them, you have put barbed wire around their very soul!

If Americans have any integrity and dignity, the first thing they will do is: give the government to the Red Indians. They will decide who is going to stay here and who is not going to stay here. Let them decide about Ronald Reagan’s green card, because his forefathers entered this country without any visa, they had no green cards. They committed crimes.

And it is a very simple thing to understand: If Adam and Eve disobeyed God and every Christian is still born in sin because of Adam and Eve, then what about Americans? Your forefathers committed all the crimes, and it was only three hundred years ago. Suddenly you have become president, you have become governors, you have become attorney generals, you have become judges, Supreme Court judges, and you have started deciding. This is not your country.

This thing has to be brought to their notice, and to the whole world’s notice. You talk against the Soviet Union, you talk against slavery - and that’s what you are practicing here.

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