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Chapter 8: The Forbidden Path

Wherever you are not allowed to go, you want to go. If some film is running in the town and there is an advertisement “only for adults,” all the children will rush - then there must be something for them. If it is only for adults, then it has a provocation.

Say to people: “Don’t do this,” and they will do it. You can be certain about it. And God made it absolutely certain. He must have been a little suspicious about Adam, so he created Eve. Man is a coward - unless a woman tempts him. He may hesitate, but when a woman is there to tempt man becomes very brave. When the wife is there, the husband becomes very brave. Never fight with a husband when the wife is present, he will kill you. He has to prove himself because the wife is there. When he is alone you can fight; he will not bother - he will say it is okay.

When you have a woman with you, you become a daredevil. You have to prove to the woman that you are a hero, a great, courageous man, brave. Then you can be mad, you can do anything.

But even then God was suspicious: maybe the woman is not enough. He created a snake: the snake seduced the woman, the woman seduced Adam. And of course it was very well planned, it was a beautiful drama, well planned. All the characters are there. Adam can always say, “I am not responsible. Eve, she is responsible.” She can always say, “I am not responsible - the snake.” And of course the snake cannot speak, so the story ends there. If the snake could speak he would have said, “God is responsible.” Nobody has asked the snake, “Who is responsible?” The snake is completely silent.

Look: whenever you say somebody else is responsible, what are you doing? You are simply shifting the responsibility. The husband says the wife is responsible; the wife says the children are responsible - and children, of course, are dumb, they cannot say anything. So there it stops. We go on throwing responsibility on each other.

You become religious the day you recognize “I am responsible.” Be courageous. Feel your responsibility - and go into all that tempts you, and go fully aware, go conscious. Go deliberately into it.

I would like to tell you another law of life: if you go deliberately into something, it can never become a bondage to you. Don’t go as if you are being pulled. Don’t go like a slave, go like a master. Even if you are going into something which is forbidden, which is a declared sin by all the religions, go courageously and go with responsibility. Say: “I want to go and I want to explore this dimension. And I am going.” Don’t feel guilty, because if you feel guilty you will go halfheartedly - and when you go halfheartedly you are stuck. Then you will never be able to come back. If you go wholeheartedly you will immediately see the falsity of it, the foolishness of it. Go wholeheartedly, and explore it completely, utterly completely. Explore all the corners of it so it is finished. Once you have seen the whole game, you are out of it.

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