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Chapter 21: Become a Gardener

And the same I say to you: if you can taste your self you will not taste death, if you can know your self you will never know any death.

And that which can save you is already there, but it is a mustard seed. Help it to grow. And the first help that you can give is to help it to die. Don’t cling to the seed, because the seed is a bridge, it is not the goal. Help it to die, dissolve, so that the inner life hidden in it is freed and the seed becomes a great tree. Small is the seed, but the tree will be very great. Almost invisible is the seed. And the tree? - the tree will become a great refuge. Millions of heavenly birds will take shelter in that tree.

Truth not only saves you, it also saves others through you. Truth not only becomes freedom to you, it becomes a door of freedom for many others also. If you become a light, it is not only your life that will be lighted. If you become a light then you also become a light for millions; many can travel and reach their goal through you. If you become a light, you become a representative, you become a Christ.

I don’t want you to become Christians; that is useless, it is a lie. I would like you to become Christs. And you can become Christs because you have the same seed.

Enough for today.