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Chapter 1: The Flute on God’s Lips

The body is like grapes. The grapes are to go. You cannot keep grapes for long - they will go rotten; but you can create wine out of the grapes, that’s why it is also called “spirit.” You can create spirit in your being, a wine. Grapes cannot be accumulated, they are temporary, momentary. But wine can stay forever. In fact, the older it becomes the more precious and valuable it is. It has a non temporal duration, it is something of eternity.

The body is like the grapes, and if you use it rightly you can create the wine in you. The body is going to disappear, but the wine can remain, the spirit can remain.

Jesus has done many miracles. One of the miracles is his miracle of transforming water into wine. These are metaphors - don’t take them literally. If you take them literally, you destroy their meaning, their significance. And if you start proving that they are historical facts, then you are stupid, and with you Jesus also looks stupid. They are metaphors of the inner world.

The inner world cannot be expressed literally, but symbolically - only symbolically. Turning water into wine simply means creating the eternal into time, creating that which remains into that which cannot remain.

If you keep water, sooner or later it will start stinking. But you can keep wine for ages, for centuries; and the longer it is there the better it becomes, the more powerful, the more potent it becomes. Wine is a metaphor for the eternal.

Jesus is transformed through his sacrifice. Nobody is ever transformed without sacrifice. You have to pay for it: the cross is the price that you pay for it. You have to die to be reborn. you have to lose all to gain God.

Jesus begat himself. That phenomenon happened on the cross. He hesitated for a time, he was very much puzzled - it was natural. For a single moment he could not see God anywhere. All was lost, he was losing all; he was going to die and there seemed to be no possibility.. That happens to every seed. When you put the seed into the earth, one moment comes when the seed is losing itself, and there must be hesitation - the same hesitation that happened to Jesus on the cross. The seed is dying, and the seed must cling to the past. It wants to survive - nobody wants to die. And the seed cannot imagine that this is not death, that soon it will be resurrected in a thousandfold way, that soon it will start growing as a sprout.

The death of the seed will be the birth of the tree, and there will be great foliage and flowering and fruits, and birds will come and sit on the branches and make their nests, and people will sit under the shade of the tree; and the tree will talk to the clouds and the stars in the night, and will play with the sky, and will dance in the winds; and there will be great rejoicing. But how can this be known to the poor seed which has never been anything else? It is inconceivable. That’s why God is inconceivable.

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