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Chapter 8: Not Knowing Life Is Death

Experiencing life from the outside becomes the experience of death. When this experience slips away from one’s hands.the day one’s vital energy contracts within - leaving the house, the body behind, and the consciousness moves inside away from the outer wall - people who look on from the outside feel the man is dead. The man also feels he is dying. He is dying, because his consciousness begins to move within, away from what he had understood as life.

The consciousness begins to move within, away from the plane where he knew life to be. On its way to the new, unknown journey, his soul starts screaming in agony, “I am dying! I am gone! Everything is sinking!” - because what he had considered as life up to now begins to sink, to drop away. People outside think the man is dead, and in this moment of death, in this moment of change, the person also feels, “I am dying! Dying! Dying! I am gone!”

This body of ours does not really represent our authentic being. Deep inside we have a kind of being which is entirely different from the body. It is totally opposite, reverse to the body. Look at a seed. It has a very hard shell which protects the tender, delicate seedling of life hidden inside it. Inside lies the very delicate sprout, and a tough wall, an enclosure, a sheath covers the seed in order to protect it. But the sheath, the enclosure itself, is not the seed. If a man takes the sheath for the seed, he won’t be able to know the sprout hidden within it. He will just cling to the sheath and the sprout will never come out.

No, the sheath, the cover is not the seed. On the contrary, the truth is that when the seed is born the sheath has to efface itself, has to burst, has to diffuse itself, has to dissolve in the earth. When the sheath is dissolved, the seed inside manifests itself.

Our physical body is the sheath containing the seed, and inside there is a sprout consisting of life, of consciousness, of being. But, taking this sheath for the seed, we ruin ourselves and the sprout is never born, the seed never sprouts. One experiences life when the seed sprouts. When it sprouts, man ceases to be a seed and grows into a tree. As long as man is a seed, he is only a potentiality, and when the tree of life is born in him, he becomes authentic. Some call this authenticity the soul, some call it godliness.

Man is the seed of existence. He is only a seed. It is the tree that will have the experience of the wholeness of life. How can the seed have such an experience? How can a seed ever know the blissful state of the tree? How can a seed ever know that green leaves will appear someday, and that the sun’s rays will dance on them? How can a seed ever know the winds will pass through the leaves and the branches, and a resounding music will emerge from their beings? How can a seed ever know that flowers will bloom, eclipsing the beauty of the stars? How can the seed ever know that, sitting on top, birds will sing and that travelers will rest in the shade? How can a seed ever know the experience a tree has? The seed has no idea. The seed can’t even dream of the possibilities which are waiting for when it grows into a tree. It can only realize them by being a tree.

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