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Chapter 1: Kundalini: The Sleeping Serpent

Then she was brought to me. I tried to understand the whole situation. I asked her what had really happened, if anything had happened to her at the mind’s level. Recalling her story she said, “My mind then said that there was no use for the eyes: if they cannot see the one they were meant to see, it is better they ceased to see at all. A single thought haunted my mind the whole day when the wall was erected, and it was that I was going blind. Even in sleep I dreamed that I had gone blind - because if my eyes were denied the privilege of seeing the very person who delighted them, who meant everything to them, then it was good that they lost their power of sight.”

The young woman’s mind had consented to her blindness, and so the life force stopped going to her eyes. The eyes were in good shape, they could see, but the energy with which they saw had ceased to reach them.

There is a center of our being, hidden within us, where godliness is known, where we get a glimpse of truth and where we relate with the primordial energy of life. It is this center from where the celestial music is heard - a music that is created without the help of any instruments, and from where such fragrance becomes available which is not of this earth, which is ineffable. It is also this same center which knows no bondage whatsoever and which is the door to freedom, absolute freedom. And it is this center that leads us to the beyond, which has no frontiers, which is a limitless and infinite expanse, which knows no sorrow, and which is nothing but bliss and more bliss and more bliss - nothing but abounding bliss.

But our life force does not reach that center, it is impeded somewhere on its way to it, somewhere quite close to it.

It is necessary to understand this very clearly, because what I call meditation is going to be our utmost effort for these three days: to reach the life force to that center where the flower can bloom, the lamp can be lighted, the eye, the third eye can open and the super-sense can be availed. It is this center from where a few have seen truth or godliness or whatsoever you call it, and from where all have a right to see the same.

But it is not necessary for a seed, just because it is a seed, to become a tree. Every seed is entitled to be a tree, but they don’t all become one. Although the seed has the potential to be a tree, it is also necessary to sow it and to fertilize it. It is necessary for the seed to break up, to disintegrate and to die as a seed so that it can become a tree. Only the seed which is ready to disintegrate and disappear into the soil is transformed into a tree. And if we look at the tree and the seed together, placed side by side, it is difficult to believe how a tiny seed could turn into a large tree. It seems impossible.

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