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Chapter 1: The Divine Is You

If belief in God or no belief in God does not bring about any change in one’s life, it only means that it has no relation to God, it is only intellectual talk. Such inquisitiveness makes a man a philosopher. He goes on contemplating and deliberating, he learns the scriptures, accumulates too many doctrines, is able to think of all the pros and cons, holds debates, but he never lives.

If you are also only full of inquisitiveness there will be no journey at all. People full of inquisitiveness are those who sit near the milestone and ask, “What is the destination? How far is the destination?” They continue asking this but they never get up and begin to walk.

You know so much! What is there that is lacking in your knowing? You know almost everything - whatever Buddha knew or Mahavira or Krishna knew you also know. While reading the Gita, don’t you feel you know all this? Yes, you also know, but this is all only in your head. The seed has not yet reached your heart. And the ideas that are only in the mind are like the seed lying on a stone. The seed is there, lying on the stone, but it cannot sprout. To sprout, the seed will have to fall down off the stone and seek the soil. And the surface of the soil is not suitable either, because more moisture is needed. So it has to move underneath the surface to where there is some water, where there is some juice flowing.

Seeds remain in the mind like those lying on the stone. Until they fall down into the heart the wet soil is not available. In the heart some juice flows, some love; there is some water there. If a seed falls there it sprouts.

Inquisitive people have a lot within them; everything is there, but it is like the seeds lying on the stone. The soil is not far off, but even this little journey is difficult for them. They are averse to moving, so the seed remains sitting on the rock. This small journey will have to be undertaken - that the seed falls down from the stone to the soil, seeks a place in the soil, finds some moisture, and hides itself a little inside the soil.

Remember, whatsoever is to be born in this world needs a deep silence, solitude and darkness. Those things that are kept in the mind are kept in the open light. Sprouting is not possible there. The heart is the wet soil hidden within you. There something can sprout.

Therefore those who live only in inquisitiveness become scholars and pundits; knowledgeable, but nothing sprouts within them - no new birth, no new life, no new flowers, nothing at all.

There is one more dimension of seeking: we call it mumuksha, a deep longing for liberation. Here there is no concern for knowing, the concern is for living. Here there is no concern for knowing, the concern is for being. The question is not whether there is a God or not, the question is whether I can be God. There may be a God, but if I cannot become God then there is no point in it all. The question is not whether there is any liberation, the question is whether I can also be liberated. If there is no possibility of my becoming liberated, then even if there is a liberation somewhere it is meaningless for me. The issue is not whether there is a soul within or not - there may be, there may not be - the real issue is whether I can become a soul.

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