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Chapter 4: How Coarse!

So this is Rafia’s very significant gift.because war has been the undeclared god of the mad humanity up to now.

The director-general, Avirbhava, is not present, she is sick, so Anando, the associate director-general of the Museum of Gods, should take it for your museum.

(Anando comes forward to take the small black box, and as she sits down a missile sound accidentally gets triggered. Everyone, including the master, starts laughing. See photo on page 191.)

Don’t start bombing here!

Maneesha has brought a very small anecdote, but very difficult to understand. Many may have read it without knowing what it signifies. But you have to understand it very clearly; it has great significance, but in a Zen way.

One day when Rinzai and Pu’hua were both attending a dinner at a patron’s house, Rinzai said: “A hair swallows up the great sea, and a mustard seed contains Mount Sumeru. Is this the marvelous activity of supernatural power or original substance as it is?”

What he was saying is of great significance. Have you ever thought that even a simple mustard seed can make the whole earth green? Any seed, a single seed, contains infinity. First it will become one plant, and that plant will bring hundreds of seeds; then each seed will become again a plant, and that will become a continuous chain, unending. The whole earth just needs one single seed of anything, and it will soon be green all over.

Rinzai is saying that the smallest life contains the eternal life; the small and the bigger are not different.

He is making a significant statement, but

Pu’hua kicked over the dinner table.
“How coarse!” exclaimed the master.

The disciple, rather than saying anything in response to it, kicked over the dinner table. What is he saying by kicking over the dinner table? He is one of the intimate disciples of Rinzai, and he is saying, “This is not the right place to say such great and immensely meaningful things. The people who have arranged this dinner cannot understand what you are saying.”

The master said, “How coarse! It is not expected from you to be so coarse. You could have acted in some more sophisticated way and told me that, ‘This is not the right place to make such great statements. Great statements can be made only to great people, people who have the open being and the silence of no-mind. Only they will understand this.’”

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