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Chapter 9: Riding on a Miracle

“But I don’t wish to be a cattle stall,” cried the tree. “I want to be a baby’s cradle.” But they turned it into a cattle stall, and when the child Jesus was born they laid him gently in the cattle stall for there was nowhere else to put him. And the tree said, “Why this is far far more wonderful than ever I dreamed.”

The woodcutters said of the second tree, “Let’s make this tree into a fishing boat.”

But the tree said, “No! I don’t wish to be a fishing boat; I want to be a great ship carrying treasure and precious stones.” But they turned the tree into a fishing boat and put it on an island lake, and a fisherman called Simon Peter bought the boat, and Jesus sailed in the boat and taught the people from it. And the tree said, “Why, this is far far more wonderful than ever I dreamed.”

And of the third tree they said, “Let’s make it into a cross.” But the tree said, “I don’t want to be a cross - a thing of shame on which men die. I want to stand on a hilltop and point people to heaven.” But they turned the tree into a cross and Jesus was nailed to that cross. And all down the years men have looked to that cross and it has pointed them to God.

Even if trees can dream something, they become it, so what to say about man?

Man has the greatest potential on the earth, in existence. If you are lacking something, it means you are lacking a great dream of surpassing yourself. You have become satisfied with the mundane. You have started creeping on the earth, crawling on the earth. You don’t look upwards. There is a great beyond calling you forth. There is a great beyond challenging you. And only that man is truly a man who accepts the challenge of the beyond. All others are only men in name, in form, but not really men.

Be a man: accept the challenge of the unknown, of the beyond. Let it become a great dream in your being. That which you appear to be is only a seed and the seed has to fall into the soil and has to die, and has to become a tree and has to bloom.

If you cut the seed, you will not find flowers there. That’s where science is missing the whole point - it goes on cutting the seed. It says, “You say this seed will bring great flowering? We will cut, dissect the seed and see.” And they cut and dissect the seed - and they have the methodology to dissect the seed - but no flower is found, so they say there is no flower. That’s how they have come to the conclusion that there is no God in existence, that there is no soul, that there is no beyond, that life is just an accident and there is no destiny to life.

There is a famous saying of the Zen master, Ikkyu.

“If you break open the cherry tree, where are the blossoms? But in springtime, how they bloom!”

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