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Chapter 1: Prologue by Osho

I too am a farmer. I had sown some seeds and they have sprouted.and now they have flowered. My whole life is filled with the fragrance of these flowers, and because of this fragrance, I am now in a different world. This fragrance has given me a new birth, and now I am no longer that which can be seen by ordinary eyes.

The unseen and the unknown have flung open their closed doors, and I am seeing a world which is not seen through the eyes, and I am hearing a music which ears are not capable of hearing. What I have found and known is wanting to flow, just as the mountain waterfalls and springs flow and rush towards the ocean.

Remember, when the clouds are full of water they have to shower. And when the flowers are filled with fragrance they have to give off their fragrance freely to the winds. And when a lamp is lit, the light is bound to radiate from it.

Something like this has happened in me, and the winds are carrying away from me the seeds of inner revolution. I have no idea in what fields they will land and who will tend them. I only know that it is from seeds like these that I have attained the flowers of life, of immortality, of the divine. And in whatever field they land, the very soil there will become the flowers of immortality.

In death is hidden the immortal and in death is life, even as flowers are hidden in the soil. But the potential of the soil can never become realized in the absence of seeds. The seeds make manifest that which was unmanifest and give expression to that which was latent.

Whatever I have, whatever I am, I want to give away as seeds of wisdom, of divine consciousness. What is attained through knowing, love gives away in abundance. In knowledge one knows of God; in love one becomes God. Knowing is the spiritual discipline, love is the fulfillment.