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Chapter 27: The Vertical Line Opens a Door to Eternity

“Is he for real?” asks the bartender. “He is,” says the man.

“Can he talk?” persists the bartender. “He can,” replies the man.

“Arnold,” he goes on, “tell this guy about the time we were on safari and you called the witch doctor a black son-of-a-bitch.”

Silverman is killed in an accident and Mendel Kravitz is sent to break the news to his wife.

“Be careful how you tell her,” advises a friend. “She is a very delicate woman.”

Mendel knocks on the door and Mrs. Silverman comes out. “Are you the widow of Silverman?” he asks.

“Certainly not,” she replies.

“Want to bet?” asks Mendel.

An African tribe is living through a famine and having a bad time with its crops. The chief calls a meeting and says, “We will send a telegram to the Russians, telling them that we are having agricultural problems and need their help. They will send seeds, tractors and one hundred young technicians to help us.

“Then we will send a telegram to the Americans, telling them that the Russians are helping us. And the Americans will send us seeds and tractors and one hundred technicians. When all the technicians arrive, we will eat them.”