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Chapter 6: The Birth of the New

Growth is facing the reality, encountering the fact, whatsoever it is. Let me repeat: pain is simply pain; there is no suffering in it. Suffering comes from your desire that the pain should not be there, that there is something wrong in pain. Watch, witness, and you will be surprised. You have a headache: the pain is there but suffering is not there. Suffering is a secondary phenomenon, pain is primary. The headache is there, the pain is there; it is simply a fact. There is no judgment about it - you don’t call it good or bad, you don’t give it any value; it is just a fact.

The rose is a fact, so is the thorn. The day is a fact, so is the night. The head is a fact, so is the headache. You simply take note of it.

Buddha taught his disciples that when you have a headache simply say twice, “Headache, headache.” Take note, but don’t evaluate; don’t say, “Why? Why has this headache happened to me? It should not happen to me.” The moment you say, “It should not.” you bring suffering in. Now suffering is created by you, not by the headache. Suffering is your antagonistic interpretation, suffering is your denial of the fact.

And the moment you say, “It should not be,” you have started avoiding it, you have started turning yourself away from it. You would like to be occupied in something so that you can forget it. You turn on the radio or the TV, or you go to the club, or you start reading, or you go and start working in the garden - you divert yourself, you distract yourself. Now that pain has not been witnessed; you have simply distracted yourself. That pain will be absorbed by the system. Let this key be very deeply understood. If you can witness your headache without taking any antagonistic attitude, without avoiding it, without escaping from it; if you can just be there, meditatively there - “Headache, headache” - if you can just simply see it, the headache will go in its time. I am not saying that it will go miraculously, that just by your seeing it will go. It will go in its time. But it will not be absorbed by your system, it will not poison your system. It will be there, you will take note of it, and it will be gone. It will be released.

When you witness a certain thing in yourself it cannot enter into your system. It always enters when you avoid it, when you escape from it. When you become absent then it enters into your system. Only when you are absent can a pain become part of your being - if you are present your very presence prevents it from becoming part of your being.

And if you can go on seeing your pains, you will not be accumulating them. You have not been taught the right clue, so you go on avoiding. Then you accumulate so much pain you are afraid to face it, you are afraid to accept it. Growth becomes painful - it is because of wrong conditioning. Otherwise growth is not painful, growth is utterly pleasant.

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