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Chapter 27: I Can See a Shoe in Your Heart

But to be aware that you cannot ask a meaningful question is an achievement on the way of innocence. There is no need for any question, and there is no need for any answer. Questions and answers are just the stuff your mind is made of. When you become disinterested in questions and answers, you start stepping out of the mind; and out of the mind is your glorious being, is your authentic self.

It is beautiful that you say, “I am overjoyed seeing people loving you.” Ordinarily mind does not function that way. Only if you have slipped a little bit out of the mind is it possible to be overjoyed seeing people loving me. Mind is always jealous, it cannot be overjoyed. It will feel hurt that “others are loving, are ahead of me, and I am lagging behind.” And it will create a thousand and one rationalizations that “their love is fake - they are all pretending. My love is true and authentic - these are all hypocrites.”

The function of the mind is to make you competitive, to make you jealous, to make you believe yourself superior to others. Once you are just a little bit out of the mind, things start changing. If somebody is joyful, you don’t feel jealous; you feel grateful that you saw a joyful man. Somebody is loving - you don’t feel jealous; you feel again grateful that you have been able to see somebody loving somebody else, and jealousy has not arisen in you.

You say, “I am overjoyed seeing people loving you.” This is a good indication, Nirupa. You have been long enough with me, and it is time for you to go out of the mind. All those who are with me, their only work is to go out of the mind, to transcend mind, to function as a no-mind, to function as a heart, and finally, to function as a being.

You are asking, “Please help me to keep moving on.” My blessings are with you, my love is with you; you don’t need anything more. That will go on helping you move onwards - just don’t become too greedy. Great things come very slowly. Don’t ask for seasonal flowers; they come quickly, but they also disappear quickly.

Little Moishe goes skating on the lake while his mother stands by watching over him. Suddenly, through a crack in the thin ice, little Moishe vanishes.

“Oy vey!” shrieks his mother. “My Moishe, in front of my very eyes!” Eventually a policeman comes, strips naked, and dives into the icy water. Again and again, blue from cold, he dives in and eventually finds Moishe. The policeman manages to revive him, wraps him in his own clothes, and rushes him to the hospital where little Moishe eventually recovers.

Moishe’s mother goes up to the policeman afterwards and says, “So, where is his hat? He had a hat!”

This is particularly a Jewish mind, but all minds are Jews. She is worried about a hat. She is not even thankful to the policeman that he risked his own life and saved her boy. Her concern is, “Where is the hat?”

Never be greedy and never be concerned with trivia, and your movement towards greater silences of the heart will become easier every day. Be loving, be joyous, and be always thankful for whatever is happening to you. Don’t ask for the hat.

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