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Chapter 8: Let There Be Spaces

We have no idea - because miles cannot be the right measure; otherwise you will have to write a whole book! Thousands and thousands of zeros, just to tell about the nearest star. The nearest star sends its rays in four years, so where you see it, remember, it is no longer there. It used to be there four years ago. So at night you are seeing an absolute illusion, no star is where you are seeing it. Perhaps one thousand years ago, one million years ago, four million years ago it used to be there. Meanwhile, it may have traveled millions of miles.

And there are stars farther away. Their rays have not reached the earth yet, and perhaps by the time their rays reach the earth, there may be no earth at all.

[Here the electricity fails, taking with it the audio and video recording. After a few moments of silence, Osho resumes speaking.]

In this vast universe, the earth is so small, negligible. Even compared with the sun, it is very small: the sun is thousands of times bigger than the earth. And our sun itself is a mediocre fellow. There are suns thousands of times bigger, which you see as stars. They look small because they are so far away. Such a small earth, and we have divided it into hundreds of small pieces. And made man a foreigner to other men.

Just see the stupidity of the whole thing: just before 1947, the people living in Pakistan were not foreigners; now they are foreigners. The people living in Bangladesh were not foreigners; now they are foreigners.

Politicians cannot live without creating conflict, fight, war. For that, all these divisions are needed, and each division tries to hold its people within its fold. That is the reason you cannot marry a Mohammedan woman or a Hindu man. Your society will be bloodthirsty - a man or a woman is going out of the fold, there is one vote less. Truth does not count; neither does man’s well-being. All that counts is power. And power is the need of the most inferior people.

A man cannot eat power, cannot drink power - why is there so much struggle? Why does he want to be on top, in control of everything? He suffers from an inferiority complex. He knows deep down he’s nobody, and he’s afraid that if he does not prove himself to be somebody special, extraordinary, then people are going to discover his nobodiness, his ordinariness.

A real person of superiority has no lust for power. The lust for power arises out of inner poverty, the lust for money out of inner poverty. The parents are not interested in their children’s joyful life, they are interested in them being rich, well-connected, because those connections, those contacts are helpful in rising higher on the ladder of power.

So, for thousands of years, marriage has been one of the ugliest things invented by power-lusty people.

Almustafa is not talking about the marriage you know. He’s not talking even about the love marriage - that is a recent development in developed countries. Child marriage has disappeared and people are marrying when they fall in love. But love they know not; the mystery of love is absolutely unknown to them. In fact, they are calling something else love. They are calling lust, love - your so-called love marriages are nothing but blind lust.

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