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Chapter 15: Inquire of the Holy Ones

At the same time, freedom of the individual does not mean licentiousness. Even if I have said that you can shed your clothes during the morning meditation, it does not mean that I have given you license to roam around naked wherever you feel to. And if you wish to become naked everywhere it simply means that you are interested in nakedness and not in meditation. This too is a sickness - it has just become a contrary sickness. Someone is mad about clothes, and you have become mad about nakedness. What is the difference? Stupidity has simply been reversed, as if it has made a headstand. There are some who insists on never taking off their clothes - and they are also mad.

I have read about a Christian nun who used to wear clothes even while she was taking a shower in her own bathroom! Her friends told her, “You are mad! There is nobody in the bathroom except you, so why do you wear your clothes while having a shower? Then there is no fun in having a shower!”

The nun replied, “Ever since I have read that God is everywhere, I cannot bring myself to take off my clothes, even in the bathroom.”

This is a sort of madness. And if God can see everywhere, then how come he can’t see inside your clothes? How can the clothes be any hindrance to him? When a wall is not creating any problem for him, how can the clothes? And is God some kind of Peeping Tom who has nothing better to do than peep into bathrooms? If this is so, then your God is perverted. If man is perverted, then he is bound to make his God perverted too. Your perversions are bound to dominate your deities, because you create the concepts about them.

If horses were to create their God, that God wouldn’t have a human face, he would have the face of a horse. When Africans make their God they color him black. Their God will have the lips of an African, his hair will be that of an African. When the Chinese make their God, they take away the bones from his cheeks, they make his nose flat. We make our God in our own image. Whatever our insanities are, we also impose them on our God. Now take the case of people who have to peep into other people’s bathrooms. This is a perversion of man. So then they make a God who is peeping everywhere!

So if a fascination for nudity takes a hold of you, that too is a perversion, a sickness. Remember, your being naked is one thing, but showing off your nakedness to other people - that is another thing. There is a difference between the two. Your being naked can be a natural thing, but if your interest in nudity lies in parading it in front of others, then in psychology such a thing is called exhibitionism. An exhibitionist is a pervert.

Try to understand this. Psychology talks of two types of sickness connected with this. One sickness it calls voyeurism - that is when you get a thrill out of seeing other people naked. The other it calls exhibitionism, when you get a thrill from other people seeing you naked. Both are sicknesses, neither one is natural. Men are often voyeurs. The sickness which generally afflicts men is to peep and see women naked. Women are generally exhibitionists. Their sickness is that they want other people to peep at them when they are naked. That’s why women think of all those ways and means to make people look at them. They will put on such clothes and such jewelry that others cannot help looking at them. And men find ways in which they can peep. But both are sicknesses.

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