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Chapter 31: Look into My Eyes for the Shortest Answer

Nobody is responsible for it, just an unintelligent way of living. Twenty-five percent income we have to live on, and seventy-five percent income is devoted towards death, to kill people.

You had said that the world was going to end sometime in the next fifteen years. Do you still stand by that prophecy?

It is not a prophecy. It is simply a factual thing.

How will this come about?

The way the idiots, our presidents and prime ministers.and they have now all the power of destruction in their hand, and they go on increasing, piling up more and more nuclear weapons. Already, Soviet Union and America together, have so much nuclear energy that it can destroy this earth seven hundred times. Now, it seems to be absolutely absurd to go on increasing. For what?

You can kill every man seven hundred times.. So what is the point of creating more and more nuclear weapons? Just a mad race in which you cannot stop because the other is not stopping. And the same is the argument of the other! He cannot stop because you are not stopping. So naturally, these idiots sooner or later are going to crash, and with their crash..

In this vast universe, in this whole solar system, only one planet has life, has consciousness. The most valuable things have happened on this earth. All other planets in our solar system, at least, are dead.

You are destroying something which you cannot create.

And it was not a prophecy; I am not a prophet. It was not even a prediction. It was simply seeing two persons running - that they are going to crash. How long they can run? I don’t think they can go beyond this century, so I had given the time 1999.

Regarding Ma Anand Sheela and her abrupt departure and her alleged criminal activity beforehand. Please help me understand what kind of impact that has had on Rajneeshpuram.

No impact at all.

Nothing has changed. Those criminals are gone, and the crimes have disappeared. But as far as the commune is concerned, everything goes on the same jolly good way.

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