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Chapter 23: When You Meet Me Just Say Good-bye

The little guy jumps up and starts to dance with joy, singing, “Tonight’s the night!”

Jack and Ida Blinkoff, an old retired couple, are taking their yearly winter vacation, driving from New York City to Florida.

Jack is driving with Ida sitting beside him giving instructions. As they are passing through Virginia, they are pulled over by a traffic cop.

The officer says to Jack, “You realize that you were exceeding the speed limit, don’t you?”

Ida nudges Jack and asks, “What did he say?”

“He is telling me that I was speeding,” replies Jack.

Then the cop asks Jack to present his driver’s license and registration.

“What did he say?” asks Ida.

“He wants to see my license, dear,” replies Jack.

Seeing that they are from New York, the officer remarks, “I have been to New York. That is where I had the worst screw of my life!”

“What did he say?” asks Ida.

Coolly, Jack replies, “He says, dear, that he thinks he knows you!”

Niskriya, are you awake now? Just to be on the safe side.

There is great excitement in the cannibal tribe when a white hunter and his beautiful girlfriend are brought into the village and tied up to a tree.

The cannibals boil up a huge pot of water and the man is thrown in, cooked, and served up for a great feast.

By dawn the next morning, another pot is boiling, and the cannibals untie the girl and lead her towards it. She is just about to be thrown in when a man comes running from the chief’s hut.

“Wait!” cries the man, “Wait! The chief wants his breakfast in bed!”