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Chapter 6: Love Is Dangerous

When they reached the forest they found Kamaal standing in the middle of the thick grass, his eyes closed, swaying like a blade of grass in the breeze. Kabir went over, shook him, and asked, “What are you doing here?” Kamaal opened his eyes. He came to himself, realized what had happened, and immediately apologized. Kabir said, “But what have you been doing for so long? It’s so late!”

Kamaal answered, “I am sorry, but when I came here, instead of cutting the grass I began to look at it. And just looking at it continuously, I don’t know when, but I also became a blade of grass. Soon it was evening, and here I was, completely oblivious that ‘I am Kamaal who has come here to cut grass.’ I became the grass itself. There was so much joy in being the grass, joy that, being Kamaal, I never had before. It’s good you came, because I didn’t know what was happening. The breeze was not moving the grass, the breeze was moving me - the cutter and that which was to be cut had both disappeared.”

Have you ever seen your wife, your son, with whom you have lived for so many years? Have you ever seen them? The things your wife did yesterday flash through your mind - and a thought comes in between you and her. You recall how she quarreled when you were about to leave for the office in the morning - and again the thought is present between you. What she said at the dinner table comes back to you - and the thought stands between you. You have always thought, you have never seen. And that’s the reason there is no relationship between husband and wife, between father and son, between mother and son. Relationship happens where thought is no more and where darshan, seeing, has begun. That is really when a relationship takes place, because then no one exists to disrupt it.

Remember, a relationship does not mean there is a third factor binding the two. As long as there is something in between to bind the two, the disrupter is also present. That which binds also breaks. The day nothing exists to bind, when only two remain, when nothing remains in between, that day what actually remains is only one; then there are not two.

A relationship does not mean we are joined with somebody, a relationship means that now nothing exists between you and the other person, there is no one in between - not even to join you. There, the two streams disappear and merge into each other. This is love. Seeing leads you into love; seeing is the source of love. And one who has not loved has never known anything. No matter what a man may have set out to know, he has only known it through love.

So when I say death has to be known, I mean we will have to love death as well. We will have to see death. But the man who is afraid of death, who is eluding it - how can he love death, how can he have its darshan, how can he ever see death? When death appears before him, he turns his back on it. He shuts his eyes; he never lets death appear before him, face-to-face. He is afraid, he is frightened; that’s why he is unable to see death at all, nor is he able to love it. And the man who hasn’t been able to love death yet, how will he ever love life? - because death is a very superficial event and life is a far deeper phenomenon. One who turned away from the very first step, how will he ever reach the deep waters of the well?

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