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Chapter 8: Why Go to Others?

How long can you go on pacing up and down? So you become willing to sit down on the old torn carpet and then you try to persuade your mind that it is not an old rug but a royal throne. If you do not persuade your mind thus, imagine how long you will have to go on pacing up and down! So you make the false assumption that the old torn carpet is a royal throne.

If someone notices it and asks what you are sitting on, you will exclaim, “What are you saying? Are you blind? This is a royal throne!” The whole world sees you are sitting on an old torn carpet, only you are unable to see it. And the one who points this out to you becomes your enemy, you think he is trying to snatch your throne away from you.

Your ego’s claim, your claim that you are God, is bogus. There is no need whatsoever to make such a claim - that is what you already are. The problem is the old torn carpet. You keep on claiming it is a throne. And if I were to place a throne before you, you would protest. “What is the point of this?” you would ask. “I am already sitting on a throne,” you would insist.

From birth to birth, through countless lives, you have convinced yourself that the old torn carpet is a royal throne, that there is no seat higher. That is why you experience great difficulty when an awakened master, a satguru, asks you to give up your ego. He says to you, “Look, I am giving you a throne,” but you are incapable of seeing the throne he is offering. You can only see your old torn carpet. You feel at least you have something to hold on to as long as the carpet is in your hands, but when you listen to the master you feel the carpet slipping from your grip. And you do not know whether the throne he is offering you is truly a royal throne or not.

You will only be able to see that the throne is really you when you are able to set your ego aside. Then your dream about the old torn carpet, about sansara, about the world, will end. And then you will begin to experience the existence of God.