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Chapter 1: Here It Is.

We bring our children from the very beginning with it - jealousy, envy. We make them fight, struggle. Our whole idea of life is based on survival of the fittest, and the fittest means the strongest, the most cunning. So whatsoever the means, nobody cares about the means. You have to achieve some end, you have to prove your mettle. You have to show to the world that you are not an ordinary person.

And the ordinary mind is Tao. That’s why the world is missing joy, bliss, benediction - because we are driving everybody crazy. Our whole educational system creates a kind of neurosis, and whosoever is ahead in that neurosis becomes very famous. Now people who become presidents and prime ministers, world-famous people, powerful people, if you look in their lives you will find nothing but neurosis. You will find nothing but anxiety, anguish, madness. They are boiling within, somehow managing a face - not even a face, it is just a mask.

This is the greatest alcohol that is affecting human consciousness. We cannot see rightly because we are in a state of drunkenness. Whatsoever we are seeing is not there and whatsoever is there we are not seeing. And if our whole life is upside down there is no wonder in it.

A drunkard was walking round the statue of Joseph Stalin, sobbing desperately. A policeman, curious, approached him and heard him saying, “I swear I will never drink another drop, I swear!”

The policeman took pity on him and asked why he was in such a despair. And the drunkard replied, “I see two of him!”

Now, one Joseph Stalin was enough.two of him!

One man went to a psychoanalyst. He was suffering from double vision: he was seeing everything as two, not as one. He will look at a pillar and he will see two pillars, and of course there was difficulty - which one is the real one? But somehow he was managing: he will have to grope and find out which is the real one. He will look at the door and there will be two doors: now which one is the real one? And there was every danger that he may try to pass through the unreal one, then he will hit into the wall.

One day he had to go to the psychoanalyst because he came home and he saw his wife - not one but two - and he confided into the wife. He had not told anybody; somehow he was managing. It was getting more and more difficult. Even walking on the road was very difficult; he had to be consciously on guard. And he told the wife that, “Now I have to confess that I have started seeing two things instead of one. Right now I am seeing you two!”

And his wife said, “That’s good. So one you keep and I am going with somebody else!”

That was too much! So he rushed, he said, “Wait, wait a little! I will go to the psychoanalyst. Now it is time, I have to go.”